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Location:seattle washington
Status:single but looking:(
Pet Peves:people who are rude/stuck up, people eating with their mouths open,and lots lots more.
Hobbies:hanging out with friends,going to concerts,shopping,art,ect
Favorite feature about youself:probably my legs/butt, and my eyes.
Least favorite feature about yourself:my arms,scars from falling
Who promoted you:i found you posting a comment in another community i'm in

List at least 5 of each (if possible.)
Movies:nightmare before christmas, slc punk,the virgin suicide, velvet golddmine,party monster and a bunch more
Singers/bands:mirah,the blood brothers (old stuff) hawnay troof, gravy train!!!! ratatat,the beatles,the ramones ... i really like all sorts of music. except country. ick!
Stores:red light,value village,most all thrift stores


Suicide: i think it is really sad ... i don't really agree with it being slefish though. because usually right before you try to kill yourself,you don't think about how it'll effect others.
Public diplay of affection: i do it all the time! except i think it is gross when kids fuck in a bush or something.
When people blast their music in their cars: depends if it is good music.

i only have one picture of me, sorry. but, i'm wearing my bra in it!! it's kinda a bad picture anyways ... my friend suprised me when i was taking off my clothes in a bathroom stall, lol.


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