Is ur body hott enough to wanna bang?

Ours are.

Scrumciously hott
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Anybody , Moderated

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Welcome to bangg_a_ble where we judge you on your mostly your body and over all looks, and personality. But mostly your body. So please, before you even bother applying ask yourself is your body hott, sexy, scrumcious, delicious, ask... is it bangworthy??

One other thing, if you cannot take critisism, then please, dont even bother joining, because this is a RATING COMUNITY for a reason, you dont have to be here, so if you cant handle it, then get the FUCK OUT!


If you have any questions or concerns please contact the mods on our concerns page which is located here
Promo banners are located here
Accepted/rejected banners are located here
See how many points you have

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AppDon't be immature and start shit with stamped members or the mods, or ur ass will be banned.
AppNO NUDITY!!!! kthanks
AppYou're only aloud to comment on you app till you're stammped
AppYou have 48 hours to get an app posted once you've joined the community
AppYou have another 48 hours to get stamped
AppPut Bang Me!!! on the subject line of ur app
AppThe lj cut for your app should say Bang! we want it! so that we know you read the rules
Apppost your application as friends only
Appanyone can apply, male or female as long as you're over the age 14, and if you're 14, then beware, because most 14 year olds ARE shut down.

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Promo banners are located here

Accepted/rejected banners are located here

I made it easy for you to use the app. All you do is copy what is in the box and use that. But don't use rich text. That screws everything up.

But if you only know how to use rich text than here is the app that you can use with rich text form. But please, make the questions bold and a different color from the your answers. kthanks.


Pet Peves:
Favorite feature about youself:
Least favorite feature about yourself:
Who promoted you:
Promote to at least three place and show the links:

List at least 5 of each (if possible.)


Public diplay of affection:
When people blast their music in their cars:


Post 1 bad picture of youself:
Post at least 2 clear body shots[for the boys we'd rather you have your shirt off]:
Post at least 2 clear face shots:

Either way... GOOD LUCK.

Promo banners are located here

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AppRespect the mods!!
AppPlease put yes or no on the subject line when voting.
AppStay active
AppYou need at least 50 pts. at the end of each month (mods will make apropriate punishment if otherwise)
AppYou have to put either your accepted banner or a promo banner in your userinfo. This way we get more applicants!
AppIf you promote a community in here, you must provide a link for proof that you promoted us to that same community!
AppYou also have to remember to vote! Applicants will not be stamped until the majority of members vote.
AppJugde as harsh as you'd like, and explain why you answer yes or no.
Apppost as friends only
AppIf you're going to be innactive please post and say when you'll be absent

kthanks guys. :)

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see my application here

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see my application here

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see my application here

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see my application here

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See how many points you have

AppScavenger Hunt:25 points
AppTheme Post: 20 points
AppIf someone joins that you promoted to: 15 points
AppPicture Post: 10 points
AppPromo Link: 10 points
AppCreating Banners: 30 points
AppWinning best feature contests: 1 auto accept/reject coupon

You get an auto accept/reject every 300 points! Take advantage of this please!

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Scavenger hunt till October 15th is:

AppPurple hat
AppPurple socks
AppPurple Thong
AppPurple doll
AppPromote and show us the link
AppPurple earings
AppPurple Pants
AppPurple marker

please put these under an lj-cut

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The theme till October 15th is.....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Lets see all of your purple things, anything, purses, pants, rulers, makeup, etc... Pictures please!

Have fun!!

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The contests will change each month, and remember, NO NUDITY!

The contest for the month of October is......



AppPicture of your figure:
AppWhy your body figure should be the best:

If you win the monthly contests you get 1 auto accept/reject coupon.
I will also make you a banner and you can do whatever you want with it.
You can put it into you're user info,
So you can show off your award,
Or you can not use it at all.
It's up to you.

Apply for best hairkthanks!

♥ have fun!

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Promo banners are located here

Accepted/rejected banners are located here

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If you have any questions or concerns please contact the mods on our concerns page which is located here

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thisisnotdane banned for posting with out posting an app and for his additude.
lets_talk_love banned for "personal" reasons with the mod.
effectsofrupet banned for nudity on her app
ditzyblonde4eva commenting and not being stamped

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